K-2nd Grade Program


Kindergarten - Introduction to basketball, demonstration, and teaching of dribbling and passing. Fun games designed to learn skills. Non-competitive mini-scrimmages learning how to pass to one another and position on the court. Warm up and running relays - 5-10 minutes, 35 minutes of instructions with frequent water breaks and 5-10 minutes of verbal and non-verbal demonstrations.

1st Grade - The skills and drills are emphasized and taught further from Kindergarten. Teams are made and scrimmages are part of the program until the end of the season. The scrimmages include instruction from the coaches on an ongoing basis to help the kids learn while playing. We will assess all players on skill levels from level 1 - level 3, some 1st graders, given skill level will be able to play in Tournaments and League play.

2nd Grade - After 2 weeks of skills and drills, there are teams made for each session and scrimmages are played. The kids enjoy this format and learn to play with other teammates. We will assess all players on skill levels from level 1 - level 3, some 2nd graders, given skill level, will be able to play in Tournaments and League play. The goal is to prepare the kids for 3rd grade, where they will play in a league format.


Quarterly Session

Ladue 5th Grade Center | 10900 Ladue Road | Creve Coeur, MO 63141
Priory High School | 500 S Mason Road | St. Louis, MO 63141

Program Package $200 per Quarter or $75 Per Month
Includes Weekly 1.5-hour Skills Training & Scrimmage Games for 3 months 


Uniform Costs
Reversible Dazzle Jersey
Shorts not included. Please wear your own solid navy shorts.

Griffins Backpack

Deluxe Jersey Package
With Upgraded Reversible Jersey, Griffin Logo Shorts, Shooting Shirt & Matching Socks.

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K-2nd Training Registration - $200

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Monthly K-2nd Training - $75 Monthly for 3 months

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League Play 

Junior Griffins featured at a halftime scrimmage at Maryville College Jan 19th, 2017

Standard League Play

This is for players that qualify 

Includes Weekly Skills Training Team Practices & League Games for 3 months 


K-2nd League Registration - $325

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League Session

League Play Monthly K-2nd Grade- $125 Monthly

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