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  • Competitive team league play

  • Professional Coaching

  • Quality skills and drills training

Welcome to the West County Basketball Academy!

We are a year-round basketball program focusing on youth grades K-12.

Our mission is to teach, train, and develop to the fullest potential of each individual player, starting with the core basketball fundamentals. We pride ourselves in working with all different levels of skill and experience in the game of basketball. We provide different levels of competitive team league play, professional coaching, and quality skills and drills training. 

All of our coaches are highly qualified, with extensive knowledge of the game of basketball from playing at the college or pro level and many years of coaching. The main goal of WCBA is to make every player better, both on and off the court. Through basketball, we teach respect, responsibility, sportsmanship, and teamwork, which essentially help our young athletes in other aspects of life as they continue to grow.

Happy to report that Jeremy made the Vianney JV team. He said to tell Coach Lee that he's grateful for all he taught him. Will be back in offseason unless Vianney team is doing something else.


Jeremy's Mom

We plan on continuing with the Winter league. Sal will also be playing for his CYC school team but I don’t think they start until February (games) so I don’t think there will be any potential conflicts until maybe February. Travis is AWESOME. What a nice and talented young man you have there on your team. Good character too, which I always like to see in a coach as we nurture our young boys. 

Sal's Mom


A basketball with coach's clipboard and whistle on a wooden gymnasium floor

Open Spring Enrollment

Starting Tuesday, Feb 5th 
6-7pm - Boys 3rd-5th grade 
7-8pm - Boys 6th-8th grade

Friday, Feb 8th 
6-7pm - CoEd K-2nd 
7-8pm - Girls 3rd-5th Grade 
8-9pm Girls 6th-8th Grade

Come train with some of the best coaches and trainers in St. Louis for the whole month of February for $50.00

Player's Name
Basketball Winning Point Competition Concept

Shooting Clinic

Saturday, March 2nd at Priory 
and Saturday, March 16th at Zion Lutheran

9am-12pm Shooting 
Shooting mechanics work, catch and off the dribble shooting, shooting drills, and competitive, fun games

12-1pm Lunch Break for pick up and return or supervised sack lunch with fun games

1-4pm Offensive Fundamentals 
Ball handling, screen, pivot and protecting the ball drills with triple threat, jab step, etc. 
Also, off the ball drills to get open with cuts and pivots and movement without the ball

Competitive Drills from Beginners, Intermediate and Advanced Players

$45 a session or $75 ALL day


Spring Break Camp

March 18th-22nd at Principia Boys Gym

Morning - ball handling, footwork, jumpers 
Afternoon - man to man defense, 3v3

Morning - layup/floater series, passing, 1v1 
Afternoon - zone defense, rebounding, 2v2

Morning - jump shots, pick and rolls, fast breaks 
Afternoon - defending the screen, 3v3, 5v5

Morning - catch and shoot, hesitation moves, getting to the basket 
Afternoon - shooting competition, 3v3 tourney

Morning - 1v1, 2v2, 5v5